Ice cream is a word that makes all of us very excited be it a kid or an adult as a phrase says “I scream, you scream, we all scream ice cream”. No matter what is your age but it is always the best treat to enjoy your favorite cone or cup of ice cream, especially in the hot season. This is a perfect sweet treat that can tick all the boxes you want to have to full fill your cravings. It is very refreshing that can give you a feeling of comfort or joy and enhances your mood too.

It is also the best thing to enjoy on hot summer days along with your friends as it is something that everyone loves to consume. All plan a movie with your family and enjoy eating ice cream while sitting on a couch. Below we have discussed a few tempting ice creams that you must try so, let’s have a look.

1- Strawberry Cheesecake

Strawberry cheesecake ice cream is a mixture of juicy strawberries and the chunks of the richest cheesecake in the swirl. Juicy strawberries and thick cheesecake pieces are combined in this delectable dessert, which is swirled with creamy ice cream. The recipe calls for fresh strawberries, preferably organic, sour cream, cream cheese half and half, lemon juice, salt, sugar, heavy cream, and dark chocolate crackers All of these components are readily available locally and simple to make at home. Every mouthful is bursting with sumptuous flavor; the cheesecake gives your dessert experience a little crispness while the strawberries are a summertime favorite. You can buy this and much more at reduced prices by using Migros Promosyon Kodu.

2- French Vanilla 

All-time favorite ice creams can do nothing else than vanilla ice cream. Consume it as it is or combine it with other toppings, it will remain an essential dessert option. If you dream of a thicker, creamier, and wholesome vanilla ice cream then you must go for French vanilla as it full fills all your requirement and dreams for your vanilla ice cream. It is constituted of egg yolks and egg custards that provide a creamy consistency to it. It is the perfect choice for classic ice cream lovers moreover make it more interesting by adding toppings of your choice to it and enjoy.

3- Belgian Chocolate 

Belgian chocolate is the mixture thought to be made in heaven for those who have chocolate cravings. Traditional chocolate flavors pale in comparison to how rich and delicious this is. It is the best chocolate ice cream that is smoothest and most decadent with the addition of the finest chocolate pieces. The texture of this Belgian chocolate is dark and rich which will melt on your lips. It is a standard option at the majority of ice cream shops, including chain gelaterias, Häagen-Dazs, Baskin-Robbins, etc. Belgian chocolate ice cream offers a taste in and of itself thanks to its sumptuous flavoring, even though it might not be the ideal palate cleanser. So make sure to save room for this delicious dessert after supper!

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