The obsession of humans with shiny objects has been apparent throughout history. From ivory, jade, and sapphire to name a few. These shiny objects had always been associated with wealth, purity, longevity, and even divinity to some extent. Even ancient healers would use precious gemstones to get rid of the illness.

Even in modern times, it has been practiced for some that shiny gemstones attract positive energy. This long history of the use of gemstones had been part of the marketing strategy for selling diamonds. The obsession with diamonds being a symbol of love and eternity had been part of the vast marketing campaign.

Symbol of love and eternity

Diamonds are enjoyed mostly by the nobles, businessmen, and other members of the society’s upper echelon. It used to be very expensive until its supply in the early 1900s increased. This caused the price of the diamond to step down. Visit This had also been the reason why even ordinary people were able to buy diamonds.

The campaign that made diamonds a symbol of love and eternity had put the diamonds on the market. Couples everywhere made sure they are wearing a diamond ring when they walked toward the altar. Women started to believe that a man truly loves them when they are offered a diamond in exchange for their hands in marriage.

This outstanding tradition created to market the diamonds had people looking for the clearest and biggest diamonds. The search for radiant cut diamonds has been part of the journey of humankind. There are various shapes for a classic diamond ring. It always starts with looking for loose diamonds. Not all cuts are the same. Loose Cushion Cut Diamonds are typically more expensive.

Even for lab-grown diamonds, you will see the price difference. You can visit Rare Carat to see how the prices for radiant diamonds differ. Despite their price difference, some people would not be bothered. As long as they wear a diamond engagement ring to their wedding, they know they are part of a grand tradition of showing love and eternity.

Perfect gift

Nothing could go wrong with a piece of diamond. It is a perfect gift for any occasion. Even when people are sad, they would be happy to receive a diamond. However, with how conscious some people are these days, diamonds could hurt those who are exerting humanitarian efforts. They might be offended especially where the diamonds might come from.

This is the best thing about technology. There are other options. Lab-grown diamonds possess the quality of natural diamonds but do not have controversies attached to them. Receiving a diamond is something that nobody could say no to. It is a great gift for all ages and any profession.


The price of diamonds had been going up every year. There are multiple reasons why the price keeps on going up. Rarity is one of the reasons for it. The exclusivity of good-value diamonds in the market makes their prices go higher. The bigger the diamond, the rarer it is and the more valuable it becomes. Since creating a diamond will take billions of years, this makes the diamonds fewer over the years.

While the supply may be depleting, the demand keeps on getting higher, resulting in the price getting higher. This makes buying diamonds now the best thing to do. Visit Rare Carat so you will see all the options you have. Even if you have a low budget, there is a diamond for you. The options are limitless and this could be a great start for the investment.

Creating an impression

When you wear a piece of diamond, it creates an impression of class and wealth. Even with casual clothes, diamonds go well with them. With how diamonds go well with any outfit, it is not surprising that people buy diamonds to impress others. Diamonds are often seen being worn by celebrities which makes someone feel of higher status when wearing one.

Some people would even judge others based on the jewelry they are wearing. Being able to wear any type of diamond means that you have some cash to spend. People would tend to even treat others better when they wear diamonds. This makes people value the diamonds more and become obsessed with wearing them as the best thing to do.


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