Electronic communication, especially text messages between internal or external people, may cause potential reputational harm. An employee can quickly and easily cause severe damage to your company by texting wrong or harmful words to the receiver. As we’ve seen in several situations, all it takes is for one person to access the company’s sensitive information to make a careless or malicious post that harms the brand irreparably. Harassment, discrimination, and bullying can be done through electronic mail, instant messaging, and social networking. Therefore, archiving text messages is becoming a requirement in the business. 

How Important Is It? 

Aside from building reputation, according to business best practices, all firms must execute message archiving. They must archive any information, attachments, files, appointments, calendar entries, and folders in addition to the email. Yet, as we touched on before, it has become vital for you to preserve ALL other types of electronic communication data, including social media, instant messaging, and mobile communication information. Indeed, the Federal Rules of Civil Process (FRCP) were recently modified to include penalties for failing to maintain Electronically Stored Information (ESI) (ESI).

You should save all posts, status updates, likes, events, direct messages, group posts, wall posts, friend requests, and comments from social media.

You must archive all instant messages, including personal and group communications, conferences, chat room data, event-related information, and files for instant messaging.

Depending on the mobile OS platform, you should archive any SMS/MMS messages, call logs, BBM messages, BBM Enterprise, PIN messages, and potentially even audio call recordings for mobile device communication.

In conclusion, storing this information in an archive is law-regulated. It may also stop a controversy and the resulting harm to your reputation before they ever start by using an archiving solution like Leap Xpert to monitor corporate messages. You can visit their official website at https://www.leap.expert/  or can contact them directly here.

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