June 30, 2023


Five years ago, you might have looked at this title and wondered what the heck it meant. Even though the age of telecommuting was already upon us… The pandemic was the deciding factor. The first few weeks of 2020 were a time of intense struggle for all businesses. As a result, there was an unexpectedly high requirement for a tool to keep track of working hours.

Surveillance in the workplace is nothing new, but it has recently emerged as an essential tool for organizations of all sizes. Some people found it intrusive because it captures screenshots and studies where their cursor goes. Although the goal wasn’t total dictatorship over the staff. The purpose of this was to guarantee productivity. Companies required evidence of work, but managers were unable to conduct checks during the lockdown.

It also made it easier to maintain employee enthusiasm after an abrupt shift to remote work. Even though it may sound ridiculous, this software has saved countless businesses from collapsing when it seemed like everything was going wrong at once.

In addition to monitoring productivity, this software can also identify potential security issues and stop harmful cyberattacks. You can also tell right away if the suspicious activity is coming from an insider or an outsider thanks to the real-time monitoring data. As a result, you can use this resource to ensure the integrity and security of your company.

Another major selling point for a worker monitoring app like Controlio is this. Organizations can benefit greatly from its ability to increase both safety and productivity. As people become more aware of the importance of taking care of their bodies, the trend toward constant monitoring is likely to continue. Let’s discuss why this program has become the standard.

The Advantages of Using This Approach

For at least a few years, and probably longer, employee feedback has been a sore spot. There is a palpable sense of frustration and tension when it comes time for the annual review. According to Gallup’s study, only 14% of employees believe performance reviews motivating.

It’s crystal clear. Annual reviews are ineffective. They frequently exhibited bias, subjectivity, and favoritism. Unfortunately, the biggest problem is that the feedback process takes too long. Feedback on potentially problematic employee behavior is most effective when given as soon as possible after it occurs.

Companies of a significant size took notice, with Adobe, Deloitte, and Microsoft abolishing their annual review processes as a result. According to Deloitte, feedback and team management are crucial components of their redesigned performance management systems. They achieved better results and worked together more effectively by setting goals and using tools with a focus on the team. The success of this method depends heavily on the bottom-up feedback gathered by employees. We know that providing feedback raises productivity.

Employees benefit from consistent feedback on their performance in terms of learning new skills and advancing in their careers. Workers want to feel like their work is meaningful and that they are appreciated. Businesses that invest in software to keep tabs on their staff members are clearly progressive. The highest employee retention rates are found at companies that keep tabs on their workers’ progress.

It is your responsibility to create a work environment in which employees can follow their passions and thrive. To expand your business, use the insights provided by this data to learn more about your customers’ wants and needs.

Communicating regularly with coworkers is a great way to learn about each other’s strengths and areas of improvement. The right amount of encouragement or support can be the final push they need.