In our collection, Sisal carpets are the number one go-to natural carpet. Natural sisal is the texture that selects most of the time when you are contacted by designers, commercial businesses, or homeowners. Every sisal has its place, whether it’s tightly woven or chunky weaves, neutral or bold colors, with or without backing. Find the ideal location and placement, your purchase should bring joy for years to come.

Are Sisal Rugs Comfortable to Walk on?

Sisal carpets are made from the long leaves of the agave plant, resulting in a strong but hard fiber that can feel rough on your bare feet. You’ll notice that natural sisal carpets remain a constant and timeless feature if you follow flooring trends. Flooring that is soft underfoot with a texture that bounces back from impressions and is antistatic, is all designers, hotels, and commercial spaces alike are looking for. The most recommends or popular or popular choice that everybody recommends is wool blends. and if we compare it with natural sisal they are soft to the touch and smooth while natural sisal is rough.

If we add more than wool to your area brings out depth, sophistication, and warmth, and also they are naturally resilient. One of the softest natural fibers is just. Jute carpets are also a great alternative but are less durable than sisal. Kids and animals gather in your living room because it feels soft and insulating plus, you can feel at ease as sisal-wool blends or jute are a non-toxic choice 

Are Sisal carpets Good for High-Traffic Areas?

Natural Sisal carpets are known for their durability, they work superbly in high-traffic areas, and they are less prone to spills and dirt. Three materials are used for your entry, hotel lobby, or shared office space that is Sisal PLUS for heavy-duty, commercial spaces; synthetic sisal for residential designs; and nylon for commercial projects or anything that goes outdoors. These all are stain-resistant, low-maintenance, and durable.

Out of these, the most stain-resistant is Sisal PLUS, these carpets are 100% natural sisal weaves and are easily available in the market. Sisal PLUS is a good choice for active and high-traffic spaces for example in hotels, resorts, store designs, and residential homes with kids and/ or animals.

Yarn is a great choice because they are coated with stain-resistant and fire-retardant fluorocarbon. Apart from that, this coating also increases the UV stability and alcohol, oil, and water repellency of the weave.  Nylon is part of the synthetic polymer family. When it comes to cleanability, abrasion, and UV resistance, it out-competes any type of material on the floor that are available in the market. As these materials are soft underfoot Nylon fibers are good for high traffic area

Are Sisal carpets Good for Outdoor Use?

Sisal is a natural plant fiber; although, it is strong and durable, and it stains easily but spilled water may cause damage and leaves a stain because sisal does not hold up very well to wet conditions. But in the market synthetic sisal weaves is available that look like natural sisal, are highly resistant to moisture, and are easy to clean. Synthetic sisal imitates the sisal look while keeping care efforts to a minimum In domestic and light commercial settings reserve your natural sisal.


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